Myths About Bail Bond Service

Going to jail is no laughing matter.  The thousands of dollars you’re expected to pay to get out of jail isn’t either. Fortunately, a bondsman is there to help you get out of jail by paying a fraction of the bond amount. Over the years, many people have used the services that a bondsman provides to get out of jail and many myths have evolved as result. You may have heard some of these myths in the past but today it’s time to learn the truth. Some of the most common myths about bail bond service include those listed below.

Myth One: Bail Bond Money is Returned

When you pay the bail bondsman to bond a loved one (or yourself) out of jail, the money is non-refundable under any circumstances. Some people wrongly assume the money is returned if the individual appears in court and is found not guilty, but this simply isn’t the case.

Myth Two: Only Cash is Accepted for a Bond

Bondsman usually prefer you to pay cash for a bond, however, understand that this option may not always be available. Property bonds are also accepted in many situations, if you own items of value.

Myth Three: All Bail Bondsmen are the Same

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Not all bondsman are created the same. When you need a great bail bond service columbus oh, don’t settle for the first company that comes along. Take the time to find a bondsman who brings experience, expertise, and ease to the bonding process. Choose a name that has a good reputation in the area for best results.

Myth Four: Bonding a Loved One out of Jail is a bad Idea

Sometimes life happens and things occur beyond our control. When jail is the end result, it can cause life to turn upside down in unimaginable ways. You should be considerate of the person who is asking for help when deciding if you’ll bond them out of jail. But, don’t automatically assume that it is a bad idea.


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