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Three Tips for Hiring a Per Diem Attorney

It is a lot more common than you would think for a law firm to find itself understaffed. Many law firms struggle with their caseload during specific times in the year.

The reason is because it is difficult for firms to predict instances where all their clients may require urgent representation. And many smaller firms do not have the client list to justify hiring more attorneys on a permanent basis.

It is why hiring a temporary lawyer can be useful for many firms. But how can a law firm ensure it is hiring the best type of per diem attorney for a specific situation?

1. Hire Someone Likeable

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Some may think it is odd to include personality as a factor when hiring an attorney. But it is very important, especially with per diem lawyers.

You are hiring someone to come in and help your firm for a few days. If that person is generally agreeable and likeable, it will be much better for the atmosphere at your firm. They will also have an easier time working with your team.

2. Hire an Experienced Attorney

A general rule of thumb is to look for per diem attorneys who have at least 10 years of experience in the legal profession. Cases can be complicated, especially when you are understaffed. Someone experienced will find it easier to prove useful to your team in a pinch.

3. Hire Someone Familiar

If there are per diem attorneys that lawyers at your firm know, try to hire them first. It can help a lot when a per diem lawyer has a prior relationship with someone on your team.

While it is not a must, you will find it easier to get such lawyers up to speed. They will also slot in within your team, as they already know how to work with the person on your team who recommended them.

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