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Understanding Traffic Violations in Fairfax County

More than 90% of all licensed drivers over the age of 16 have received a traffic violation. Many of those drivers have received more than one violation. A traffic violation occurs when a driver fails to comply with laws set forth to protect theme while operating a motor vehicle. Examples of traffic violations include speeding, driving under the influence (DUI,) and failure to register your vehicle, although there are many other types of fairfax county traffic violations.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Generally speaking, a lawyer is needed to accompany you to court for minor traffic violation. However, this isn’t the case all of the time and you may find several reasons why you need to consult an attorney after receiving a traffic violation. This includes:

·    You want to fight the charges because you feel that you are innocent

·    You need help gathering evidence in your case or want to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

·    You are at risk for a driver’s license suspension

·    You have questions and/or need advice regarding the matter

fairfax county traffic violations

An attorney can help you with the above items and much more. Costs to hire an attorney to represent you for a traffic violation vary from one case to the next. However, the attorney will discuss the costs during the consultation. Most people find that it is cheaper to hire a lawyer to fight the change than to pay the ticket and endure the hassles that come with that decision.

Final Thoughts

Pay attention to the rules of the road and it is much easier to avoid traffic violations and the headaches that come with them. If you receive a violation, however, decide if you need an attorney and make sure you have this legal expert there if the situation calls.

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